ZenTix provides white label event ticketing with total control.

Flexible Plug Framework

The ZenTix proprietary plug framework allows infinite flexibility and speed-to-market for custom plug integrations.

Extend your platform with both out-of-the-box functionality as well as custom plugs to define your own flow.

True White Label

ZenTix is the only 100% true white label platform framework.  Create your own solution, integrate it directly into your website, Facebook or mobile apps.


At ZenTix we know that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business process.  We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously, and the security and reliable of the software, systems and data that make up the ZenTix platform are our top priority.

Immediate Fund Access

Control your revenue with direct access to your funds.  Integrate directly with your own merchant gateway or get activated in seconds with our partners.

Ticketing Management

ZenTix has a comprehensive suite of event management tools.  Create multiple ticket types with automated price change rules, and create, manage and duplicate events with ease.

Widgets & REST APIs

Our powerful JSON and WordPress widgets allow simple and seamless integration.  Our robust REST API allows full end-to-end integration.

Service Fee Control

Create new profit centres by charging your customers your own fees.  Customise and name your own fees or turn them off entirely.  Set and label shipping fees for regular and 2+ pricing.  Mark order fulfillments as they are shipped.

Mobile & Tablet Compatible

ZenTix’s responsive checkout accommodates all devices for a cross-platform solution.  The responsive admin panels allow easy mobile and tablet system management.

Social Marketing Tools

Our viral social marketing tools converts one ticket sale into ten without you lifting a finger.  ZenTix offers single sign on capabilities for express checkout and powerful Facebook team invites & affiliate incentive based friend invites.

Comprehensive Reporting

Build your own exportable download profiles with exactly the data you want.  Use our integrated realtime reporting and dashboards with complete event revenue reports, compare sales trends, affiliates, promo codes, social influence, add-ons and more.

Custom Questions & Information

Our custom questions manager makes it simple to collect additional information or add product add-ons.  Track and compare trends from question add-ons and changes, and enable charge amounts and inventory for add-on questions.

Analytics & Conversions

Track all revenue conversions in real-time across multiple platforms.  Take advantage of demographic and regional sales trends.  Utilise our existing plug-and-play integrations with numerous platforms.

Promo Code Management

Import and export promo codes and manage them with our powerful promo code engine, with full customisation over order, event and ticket type limits, and campaign group tracking.

Affiliate Tracking

Track affiliates and promoter sales with a unique URL or promo codes.  Allow affiliate access for reporting and order visibility, or limit affiliate event access and more.

Check In & Validation

Fully white labelled iOS mobile check-in app with Linea Pro compatibility.  Integrated attendee check in plug for ultra fast scanning and name lookup.

Chromebook and Omni-directional scanner device compatibility.

Attendee Account & Order Changes

Easily allow attendees to log into their account and change or add additional items.  Allow account holders to manage their own account information, edit orders, print e-tickets, receipts and more.

Add Change Fees to create new profit centres when attendees change or upgrade their order.

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