6 Benefits of White Label Ticketing

Okay. So I heard you want to sell tickets? Great. Why promote someone else when you don’t have to!

If you prefer to see your brand’s name on the ticket rather than someone else’s, then a White Label Ticketing solution is for you.

BUT — “What is White Labelling”, you ask? Well, basically, putting your brand’s name on a product that was professionally developed by someone else is known as ‘White Labelling’, and it comes with all sorts of in-built of advantages, like these:

1. Personalise Your White Labelled Product

The key point of White Labelling is personalisation. Naturally, you want to be able to personalise your product to best represent the needs and desires of you and your clients. But the personalisation here isn’t just limited to getting your corporate logo onto the ticket. White Labelling also allows you boost your brand’s visibility by selling under your own brand, by personalising your products look & feel, and it allows you to set your own pricing, to advertise your products precisely as you want them to be — without having to go into product development!

2. Initial Company Scaling

Starting a company from scratch can be a daunting task, especially if you’re going at it alone. There’s simply so much to get ready. Of course there’s Sales. Marketing. Financial. Purchasing. Support. Management. Operations. Logistics. RND. HR. The technical aspects. The list goes on and on and on. — BUT — What if you could just start with sales and expand from there? Using a White Label product can be a lot easier because it already exists, allowing you to leverage expert knowledge and expertise on their technology and resale it as your own.

3. Saves You Time & Money

Many companies simply don’t have an in-house professional workforce prepared to create a product from scratch. You could invest a huge amount of time & money into developing your own product, only to find that after several development cycles, it’s still not ready to go market. Simply put, why would you go through all this time and expense when you can use a White Labelled solution that already exists? — It’s like having an in-house developer, for a fraction of the cost!

4. Add a New Revenue Stream

Taking control of your product gives you more control over your revenue stream. White Labelling gives you the opportunity to add a product to your company quickly and without the overhead. A good example would be, for instance: If you were a venue — you could add white labelled ticketing system so that you could sell tickets to all events at your venue by yourself. No need to engage any external vendors. In turn, this increases your venues value proposition, giving you the opportunity to collect a booking fee, and the potential to collect your attendees information for remarketing.

5. Set Your Own Price Points

External vendors seldom give you the any opportunity to control or even influence the cost of using their product. This means that, to a certain degree, you are dependant on their price point. But this isn’t the case with White Labelling. Yes, of course there’s a purchasing cost, but that’s a known figure. It’s affordable and a once-off. Sometimes there’s also a small monthly or yearly fee. But that’s it. Nothing hidden. Nothing added later. White Labelling gives you the opportunity to have much more control your costs end-to-end. And once again, with little to no overhead.

6. It’s a Refined Product

One of the often missed benefits of White Labelling is the fact that you benefit from the collective experience of all the other vendors whom also use the same product. A White Label solution has often had quite a bit of experience being out in the field, and their existing customer base is proof of the fact that they’ve shown their product works. You directly benefit from all that experience, and their ongoing development based on their continuing interactions with their clients. So, you’re not going to end up all alone and completely responsible for every facet of your product.

In Summary:

White Label Ticketing gives you the chance to do your own thing — to take advantage of the hard work of others for your benefit — to not have to promote someone else — and a whole bunch of other benefits & advantages. Rather than spending your valuable time reinventing the wheel, you can go ahead and jump the queue by focusing on building your brand instead, confident that your product is doing what it should!