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Why We're Different

We are revolutionising the way companies use ticketing. We believe that organisations of all sizes and types deserve to have their own solution to control their ticketing needs.  Through our proprietary plug framework, white label tools, and open APIs, we are pioneering a new level of interactivity and customisation for venues, developers and resellers.

Building a custom solution is time consuming and costly. With plug-and-play tools, widgets and advanced flexible APIs; organisations and developers can now leverage the ZenTix framework to design their own true white label ticketing solutions exactly for their needs.

ZenTix has pioneered a new plug framework that allows organisations to have and build their own system. With our powerful apps and tools you can become your own ticketing or registration solution and take full advantage of all the benefits and profits.

Powering Transactions

You'll be in good company. Hundreds of startups and Fortune 500 companies use ZenTix.
ZenTix empowers your brand with a secure, easy, and affordable way to personalise customer transactions.
Brand Control - True White Label

It’s your brand, so we stay out of the way. You get control of the entire user experience.

Money Control

Cost effective total control over your own money with direct fund access and service fee control.

Data Control

Your data is your greatest asset, we keep it secure with no remarketing and it’s yours and yours alone.

Functionality Control

Build upon a safe and secure platform with powerful integrated tools and plugs.

Our Team

ZenTix is made up of a team of relentless individuals with a passion for life and all that comes with it.

Steve Prideaux


Steve is a serial business builder with over 30 years experience in branding, developing and commercialising ventures. Specialising in IP, Financial Management, Franchising and Licencing and Start-Up Incubation.

After building his own franchise group, Steve sold it to NYSE Listed Blockbuster INC and then created some great memories growing the business as their Vice President Commercial overseeing the APAC region. 

An MBA Graduate, Steve is also the CEO of the Digital Investment Group Limited the major financial backer of the ZenTix business. He has a passion for growth, mentoring, coaching and developing emerging talent.

Leon Davies

Director of Operations

Leon has many years of senior management experience in areas such as retail,sales and IT. He has been responsible for managing very large teams, growing sales on a National level and in recent years has played a key role in developing disruptive IT concepts that challenge current accepted practices.

Leon has an evident passion for performance marketing and strongly encourages creative flair within our team. These attributes provide an environment of progression and innovation, allowing our team to meet any challenge without fear and in turn create outstanding experiences for our clients.

Ric Luz

Chief Geek

With 15 years experience as an IT Integrator and Consultant, building his own business, helping others expand theirs and generally just being a bad ass, Ricardo has the perfect base to oversee the technical aspects of the ZenTix platform. His passions include: travelling, gaming, being the centre of attention and playing with new technology.

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