ZenTix provides white label event ticketing with total control.

True White Label Brand Control

ZenTix disappears behind your brand.
Your transactions are processed by our powerful enterprise technology.

ZenTix is a true, white-labelled Ticketing and Events Management Platform that allows its customers to Create, Manage and Sell Tickets for their events using a 100% white-labelled system. With over 6-years of experience in Ticketing, we are uniquely positioned to offer our White Label Checkout, Automated Check-in tools and Enterprise API as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering to our customers. ZenTix has built its Enterprise framework on state-of-the-art REST APIs that allow any client applications to consume the API from numerous devices including Mobile, Tablet, Kiosks as well as Web/Desktop applications.

ZenTix White Label Platform Features

Per your requirements, the ZenTix platform will include the following key elements and more:

Easy & Simple

Ticketing from your point of view. ZenTix is Simple and Reliable. It also has a customisable framework that evolves with new technologies ensuring that your business will always be ahead of the market.

White Label

ZenTix is a white label software platform that any business can use to integrate into their website or application to sell and redeem tickets and registrations and process transactions with total control.


ZenTix’s low flat fee pricing model is one of the most affordable and cost-effective enterprise software platforms in the market today.

Social Media Marketing Tools

State of the art Social Media and marketing tools combined with the strategies that we know work will maximize your reach and exposure to your customers.

True White Label Ticketing & Registration

Customize all ticket formats with your brand and include sponsorships, upcoming events or marketing incentives and allow customers to scan tickets from their Mobile Phones, Printed E-Tickets, Printed Boca Tickets or Thermal Receipt Tickets.

Full CRM & Data Control

Your customer data is your customer data, learn more about your customers, communicate with them, offer them incentives and more. Integrate with your customers through applications like SalesForce and other CRM systems for total automation and control over your customer data.

Custom Registration or Purchaser Question Management

Collect any kind of data from your customers. Offer add-on questions, multiple choice, text inputs, check-boxes and more with a few clicks. Report on the data you collect whenever you need to and track real-time revenue and analytics on question answers.

Direct Fund Access & Money Control

Through direct merchant integration, ZenTix allows your transactions to deposit money directly into your own bank account without us holding onto anything. Choose between your third-partymerchant processing, or leverage our integrated low bundled event specific processing.

Full Service Fee Management and Control

Turn what used to be a cost cutting-edge with other third party ticketing and registration platforms service fees into a new profit center. Control, name and charge whatever you like to your customers to create new profit centers. Add up to 4 service fees and display them however you like.

Flexible Framework Plug & Functionality Control

Square pegs do not fit in round holes, neither do your company needs. Our powerful proprietary plug framework allows you to take full control of the features you need and want to customize your system to fit your exact needs. ZenTix has hundreds of plugs and integrations available out of the box and also provides the flexibility for new plugs to bank-level and injected into the system bringing about new functionality as our clients needs change and evolve. Plugs such as custom reports, social marketing tools, check-in or box office apps and more to keep your business up to speed with cutting edge technology.

Multiple Access Level Management

Restrict control of your framework and business tools to all kinds of different levels of administrators and managers including reporting, cashiers, affiliates, event organizers,super admins and anything else you can dream up.

Security & Scalability

Your customers are your most important asset. ZenTix powers your transactions with bank-level security and gives you complete control of the data. The ZenTix API uses state of the art oAuth2.0 Protocol with Bearer Tokens for authorized access. We support both Resource Owner and Client Credential Access methods to allow short and long-term bearer tokens to prevent unauthorized access to any sensitive data. Our Security policies are configured to prevent unauthorized access at the business process and database level. We protect data-in-motion using SSL and TLS at the Transport Layer and throttle and log all access. We NEVER Store any Credit Card information on our systems and information is stored by PCI Compliant Gateways like Stripe, Authorize.net etc.

Onsite Box-Office and Check-In

Take advantage of an Integrated on-site sales and Box Office solution for ultra quick credit and cash sales at your entrance. Powerful mobile apps for digital scanning and desktop check-in solutions allow seamless and real-time check-in as well as analytics. Offline mode allows organizers the freedom to function with or without Internet connectivity.

High Velocity On Site or Phone Sales Box Office App

Take on-site, walk-up and phone sales with a slick, high-velocity box office system with USB Credit card swipers or audio jack credit card swipers. Print tickets from a variety of formats including Boca, Datamax or other FGL formats, Thermal receipt formats for fast condensed paper tickets, or even e-tickets and receipts.

Offline Check-In & Scanner Apps

Android and iOS with Offline Mode for low Internet areas. Mobile e-Ticket Redemption across multiple real-time scanning devices. White-Label iOS and Android real-time mobile apps with name search and digital scanning modes with offline support for low internet connectivity areas.

Full Language Localization & Currency Selection

Leverage a fully language localized environment for your checkout widgets to dynamically display custom language translations as well as process revenue in over 200 Currencies.

Mobile Conversion

Built for mobile with over 82% mobile traffic across millions and millions of transactions in 2015, we know how important your mobile conversions are so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with all the latest trends and optimizations it. We design and build for mobile first, with years of refinement and experience in how to optimize conversions on mobile, tablet and desktop with proven design and checkout flows. Leverage our Angular JavaScript Checkout Widgets out of the box or build your own off our full REST API.

Automated Marketing & Promotion

Automate your marketing touch points to your customers, setup automated marketing emails to specific purchasers and lists or resend email confirmations with special messages. Even send SMS Text blasts to customers for real-time communication and marketing.

Unique Social & Incentive Based Marketing Tools

Unique invite tools allow participants to invite and incentivize friends via Facebook, Google, Email, and more to turn each purchaser into a promoter or affiliate without you lifting a finger. Viral Social plugs result in proven incremental sales increasing overall sales by as much as 20-30% and increasing the database size of interested attendee’s invited friends exponentially as each purchaser invites their friends and sends them time-sensitive incentive codes.

Analytics & Reporting

Leverage real-time analytics and slice and dice your data the way that it makes sense for your business. Use comprehensive reporting tools and data customization to get access and visualize the data you need whenever you want. Using full web-hook managers you can even create your own custom reports and dashboard tools.

Developer Tools

The ZenTix domain model describes the various tenets of the software that is managed via the API and the back-end modules. Due to the complex nature of the ticketing industry, the model is built upon flexible and scalable modules which can be utilized to add additional behavior to the pre-defined domain.

Enterprise Developer Centric REST API

We eat our own dog food, if we can build it off our API so can you. With full Enterprise REST API Access including full web-hook management, the flexibility is limitless. We’re talking the developer-centric buy, sell, redeem framework offering to the next level. Create new profit streams from recurring fees.

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